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Drumnigh Manor, Portmarnock, Dublin

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Agency: Hooke Mac Donald

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Launching Now - Showhouses on view Drumnigh Manor is a superior quality residential development on a superb site in Portmarnock, Co. Dublin. It comprises a rich mix of three bedroom centre houses, three bedroom semi-detached houses, four bedroom detached and semi-detached houses and five bedroom detached and semi-detached houses. These are solid high quality family houses of exceptional construction, specification, insulation and finishes with outstanding living and bedroom accommodation, stylish bathrooms, ensuites and state of the art kitchens. There is extensive open space and play areas. Portmarnock has a rich history. The area was settled in Neolithic times, as evidenced by flints and other tools and a ring fort at the south of the town. The name derives from the Irish word port and Saint Marnock is said to have arrived there in the 5th century AD. Today Portmarnock represents all that is good about Dublin as a vibrant capital city, attracting many of the biggest and most successful companies in the world, creating significant employment opportunities. The booming economy is enticing Irish people to return from abroad. The Drumnigh Manor development by the Shannon Homes Group, with their reputation for providing high quality well-designed family homes of solid construction is very timely in creating an opportunity for discerning home buyers to secure a choice of several house types of character on a superb site in the heart of this sought after location.

Building Energy Rating

BER: A2-A2